HCC 360P2 – residential ventilation unit

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The HCC 360P2 is a unique and flexible residential ventilation solution. With only 30cm installation headroom it is ideal for installation in suspended ceilings or onto a wall, even hidden inside a closet. The unit can be electronically reversed, meaning that both air flows will be reversed. This allows the same unit type to be mounted with the inside/outside ducts connected to either the right or the left hand side of the unit. Electrical connections can be connected from either the left or the right.

Key features

  • High efficiency heat recovery – up to 85%
  • EC fan motors with low energy consumption (low SPI)
  • Only 300mm installation headroom height is required
  • Time controlled ventilation level, based on 11 different built-in pre-programmed week programs, reducing power consumption in periods with low ventilation demands
  • Summer cooling mode
  • Fireplace mode, creating a momentary inside overpressure, to enhance chimney functionality
  • Easy-to-install and commissioning solution with built in air measure ports, for easy balancing with PC-Tool
  • Electronically left/right fan direction switching, allowing same unit type to adapt any physical installation requirements, regardless of ceiling and wall selection
  • TCP/IP ModBus connection, for inter-operation with Building Management System
  • Electrical connections can be connected from either the left or the right.

Products specifications

Attribute nameAttribute value
System unit
Maximum nominal flow(V | m³/h)220
EN 13141-7 reference flow @50Pa(VREF | m³/h)154
Thermal efficiency EN 13141-7 at reference flow(ηSUP | %)88
Cabinet sound 1m from unit, at 140 m³/h and 100Pa(Lp | dB(A))34
Duct sound power level (supply/extract) at 140 m³/h and 100Pa(Lw(A) | dB(A))64/49
Leakage (external and internal) in accordance with EN13141-7(%)<2% (Class A1)
Filters in accordance with ISO16890ISO Coarse 75% (optional optional on supply: ePM1>50% )
Filters in accordance with EN779G4 (optional on supply: F7)
Installation surrounding temperature(tSURR | °C)+12 to +50
Maximum humidity in extract air at 25°C(RH %)55
Outdoor temperature range without preheating installed(tODA | °C)-12 to +45
Outdoor temperature range with preheating installed(tODA | °C)-15 to +45
Dimensions (without wall bracket)(w x d x h | mm)600 x 279 x 1122
Spigots/duct connections(Ømm)125 – female
Drainage hose (accessory)(Ø | W/m2K)½
Cabinet colour(RAL)no paint/raw Alu-zinc
Heat conductivity – polystyrene insulation(λ | W/mK)0.031
Heat transfer coefficient – polystyrene insulation(U | W/m2K)<1
Fire classification of the polystyrene insulationDIN 4102-1 class B2 EN 13501 class E
Voltage(U | V)230
Maximum power consumption (without/with preheater)(P | W)161/1061
Frequency(f | Hz)50
Protection classIP21

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The professionals choice

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