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The EC 30 is an industrial air cooler which uses a simple process of evaporation to decrease the temperature of the air. A pump takes water from a built-in tank to wet a large filter. A powerful fan pushes the warm incoming air through the wet filter. The energy used by the water as it evaporates, cools the air.

This is a low cost, environmentally friendly way of cooling large open areas. Evaporative coolers rely on fresh air flow to enable the process to work, so are best suited to open areas such as workshops, aircraft hangars and storage centres and warehouses.

To counter the spread of virus and bacteria, the EC is now fitted with UV lamps.

Key features

  • Powerful air volume 30,0003/h to cool large working areas
  • No installation, no duct work required
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Evaporative filter pads, blocking dirt
  • UV lamp, disinfecting the water
  • Low energy consumption – 1.3kW

How does it work

The heart of the evaporative cooling system is the cooling pad where the water evaporates and the air passing through the pads is cooled. Evaporative cooling pads are manufactured from fluted cellulose sheets that are glued together. The material is chemically impregnated with special compounds to prevent rot and ensure a long service life and easy maintenance.

Evaporative cooling and humidity

A given volume of air at a certain temperature and pressure is capable of absorbing and holding a certain amount of water vapour. If that volume of air contains 50% of the moisture it is capable of holding, we say it is at 50% relative humidity.

The hotter the day, the drier the air, the more cooling can be done by means of evaporation. In other words, the cooling effect is best when you need it most.

Our evaporative coolers are developed to work well in high-humidity environments too, however, and will remain much more efficient than a simple fan that just circulates warm air.

Our coolers will increase humidity by 2 to 5%, depending on temperature and humidity in the environment you want to cool. The slight increase is not noticeable in ventilated areas where the air produced by the unit is exhausted.

Suitable for

Products specifications

Attribute nameAttribute value
System unit
Cooling pad(dm³)340
Air flow (m³/h)30,000
Maximum area(m²)400
Power consumption(W)1300
Power supply(V/Hz)230-240/1ph/50
Rated current(A)4.5
Water consumption (l/h)15-20
Tank capacity(l)200
Direct water connection(inch)½
Tank level controlyes
Product size( l x w x h)(mm)1690 x 920 x 1910
Pallet size (l x w x h)(mm)1000 x 1800 x 2100
Net/gross weight(kg)120

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The professionals choice

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