Delta series – swimming pool air handling units

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The sophisticated Delta air handling units incorporate hybrid heat pump and fresh air dehumidification technology. With dynamic heat recovery to swimming pool water and air using a heat pump, a Delta solution is the ultimate choice for a commercial or public indoor swimming pool.

Key features

  • Dynamic heat pump heat recovery to pool and air
  • Self-regulating fresh air control with heat recovery
  • Automatic control of exhaust air volume to match pool usage
  • Free-cooling (Delta 1-2)
  • Free-cooling and heat pump air cooling (Delta 4-16)
  • Integral LPHW heat exchangers for pool and air
  • Speed controllable EC/inverter fans in all models
  • PLC control with 5.7" touchscreen user interface
  • Remote monitoring/control​

Remote monitoring/control​

  • Screen mirroring to Android/iOS mobile devices using third-party app
  • Screen mirroring to web browser with ActiveX
  • BMS interfaces for Modbus, BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP
  • Wired remote control interfaces


  • Delta 2-6 single or three phase
  • Delta 8-16 three phase only
  • Upgraded LPHW heat exchanger for air heating
  • Left-hand or right-hand orientation (Delta 4-16)
  • Top, side or bottom supply fan outlet
  • Front or rear supply fan outlet (Delta 14-16)
  • Rear exhaust and fresh air connections (Delta 14-16)

Products specifications

Attribute nameAttribute value
System unit
Nominal recirculation air flow(m³/h)2,600
Exhaust/fresh air flow (stepped control)(m³/h)130-1,300
Total dehumidification @ 28°C/60% RH by heat pump and maximum fresh air(l/h)10.9
Via heat pump (Mode B)(4.9)4.9
Via standard LPHW @ 80°C (kW)22
Via upgraded LPHW @ 55°C(kW)19
Total Mode B + standard LPHW(kW)26.9
Via heat pump (Mode A)(kW)5.5
Via LPHW @ 80°C(kW)18.0
Via LPHW @ 55°C(kW)11
Total Mode A + LPHW(kW)28.5
Nominal power consumed(kW)2.9
R407c gas weight/CO2 equivalent(kg/t)3.0/5.32
Height(mm)1115, 1685

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The professionals choice

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