ACT 7 – air conditioner

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When in need of temporary small-scale cooling, an efficient and easily implemented solution is required. The ACT 7 mobile water-cooled air-conditioner can deliver efficient cooling in a matter of minutes with no cooling knowledge or special training required to install the unit.

Key features

  • Sturdy metal construction
  • High-efficiency cooling circuit
  • Can be installed without prior training
  • Quick-connect cooling line connectors
  • Indoor unit with step-less variable fan speed and adjustable grille
  • Up to 30 meter installation distance between indoor and outdoor units
  • Slim water and glycol hose connection eliminates need for large air ducts

Whether the requirement is to cool down a retail space, marquee, warehouse or even an office where the existing air-conditioning system has broken down, the ACT 7 will get the job done. With its robust and lightweight build, it is ideally suited to withstand the wear and tear characterising the rental market.

Whole-room cooling

In contrast to most air-cooled units, the ACT 7 will provide whole-room cooling without the need to continually exhaust internal air.

In addition, the unit does not require mounting of an exhaust air duct to an outside wall. Getting the ACT 7 up and running is simply a matter of connecting the cooling line con­nec­tors to the outdoor heat rejection unit.

How it works

The ACT 7 absorbs the heat into a refrigerant cooling system. From there, the heat is transferred to the self-containing chilled water/glycol system. It is then pumped through to the outdoor unit where the water is cooled and the heat dissipates.

The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit via two 22mm quick-connect, self-sealing flexible hoses. These hoses are supplied in 5m or 15m lengths and can be connected to a maximum length of 30m.

Control panel

Cooling mode switch
Select either ‘recirculation’ or ‘air-conditioning’ mode. In ‘air-conditioning’ mode, the electronic thermostat automatically controls the room temperature at the cooling set point from 8°C to 35°C.

LCD display panel
Shows the actual and set point temperature, operation modes and equipment status including any alarms. The cooling set point can be adjusted using the display.

Fan speed control dial
Step-less adjustment of air flow for maximum comfort.

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The professionals choice

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